Rent or Buy AC and Furnace System

When choosing an AC and Furnace system, Smile Heat & Cooling has both rental and purchasing options to suit your needs.

Are you ready for a new furnace and cooling system, but aren’t sure if you should rent or buy? While renting cars, major equipment and other large items is common, many homeowners don’t realize that renting furnace and cooling system units is also an option.

If you’re faced with an unexpected furnace and air conditioning system breakdown, rental may be the answer to avoiding a large upfront cost for purchasing a new system. And the benefits don’t stop there, a rental system may help you avoid a variety of inconveniences and other issues throughout your time with your system

So, don’t suffer in the heat any longer. Let our technicians help you to pick out the best type of AC for you, install it the right way, and keep it in peak condition for the long run.

Why Renting a Furnace and Air Conditioning System Could Work for Your Home

For the ultimate in convenience and budget stability, renting your heating and cooling system could be the answer. With a rental, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

Hassle-Free Repairs and Maintenance: Unlike purchasing a heating and cooling system, rentals include regular maintenance and repair costs. This makes for easier repairs and budgeting.

Cool larger homes efficiently with central air conditioners. Featuring an indoor and outdoor air compressor, these units are able to cool several rooms at once easily.

Create the perfect temperature in each room or “zone” of your home with a ductless system. With this style of air conditioner you get ultimate control with multiple indoor compressors. A thermostat will control each separate zone of your home.

Heat pumps, like the Geothermal ones from Smile, can push hot air in or out of your home. With geothermal models, the heat from your home goes into the ground and is a popular choice for Toronto customers.

Have a small room that needs extra cooling? Window AC units are ideal for cooling single rooms and small apartments. As a result, these can be ideal for homes that do not have even cooling. Additionally, rooms that receive too much sunlight may also be helped with a window unit.

No Upfront Costs:With renting, you pay a low monthly fee but no upfront costs!

24/7 Emergency Service: Smile  provides professional emergency services for your rental heating and cooling system at no additional cost.

Peace of Mind:Along with financial savings, rentals ensure you get the benefit of worry-free heating and cooling. With maintenance, repairs and replacement of filters all covered in your monthly payment.

Considering Buying your HVAC System?

While renting offers a wide range of benefits, buying could be the right option if you plan to stay in your home for the life of your HVAC system. Typically, this will be around 15 to 20 years.

Renting may also result in a removal fee or buyout fee at the end of your contract. Your individual needs, budget and property type will determine which will work best for you.

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Choosing Between Renting and Buying

Still unsure if renting or buying is right for you and your home? Smile Heating & Cooling can help! Our professional team will not only help you choose between renting and purchasing options but also the brand and type of heating and cooling system that will meet your needs best.

When you call, we can assess your heating and cooling system usage requirements, the size of your property and other factors that will determine an ideal system for you.

For all questions about renting and buying heating and cooling systems, call the expert team at Smile Heating & Cooling at 647-361-0333.

Heating and Cooling Company take pride in being a leading contractor in cooling systems installation, repair, and maintenance in Toronto, and we have a long list of clients that have entrusted us to provide the air conditioning solutions they need to keep cool and comfortable.

Give us a call, and let us address all the questions or concerns you may have about your air conditioner so that you can transform your home into the comfortable space you deserve.